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I got a glimpse today !! Bertha's got backbone

Richie relented and opened the door to Bertha's sanctum deep in the heart of the 4x4lrs workshops. Camera-less I couldn't take a quick paparazzi type scoop snap so had to rely on staying around the workshop so he couldnt get anywork done until he relented and promised to e-mail me something..

So when a new mail tonight arrived I eagerly opened it expected something close to the vision I had seen earlier - and this is what I got..

Now its very nice and pristine, a true testament to the engineers who built it, but what lays behind those locked doors at the workshop, no longer looks like that, Its prepped prepared, painted and in some of the important bits nearly has axles and wheels added.

I say nearly because obtaining new front leaf springs hasnt been easy, In fact it has been holding up things a fair bit. But thankfully some had been sourced and where due delivery Mid week in plenty of time to get the axles offered up to the chassis before today.

Except.. they havent shown up yet - so what I did sneak a peak at was a Chassis with wheels placed underneath in roughly the right place !! Also In the workshop was the replacement engine, a diesel circa 1970, this still needs stripping, refurb and thorough testing.

Bertha still has a long way to go before she wends her merry way back home to us


Some bits that are not as rusty as they were

Following on from my post about the rear axle and how shiny it is I present to you another enthralling update.. as the mail from 4x4LRS was a little sparse of information I am hazarding a couple of guesses that this is the front axle, and its current state .. ( to see the before pictures scroll down a couple of entries)

This is how the front axle is now looking a bit of an improvement !!!

It also has a thingy, no idea what it is but it looks good



I apologise for the lack of updates, this is due to me being banned, not from Blogspot, not from visiting 4x4LRS but from going anywhere near the workshop where Bertha is undergoing her restoration.

Guarded by Jayne, the dogs and the kids, the doors to the rear workshop are securely fastened to prevent access, Every attempt to get a peek or sneak a photo have been repulsed by the guards.

So I have absolutly no idea of whats happening down there...

But If Ritchie and Jayne dont send some photo's soon I am going to assume they have in fact sold Bertha to an eccentric Middle eastern oil sheik and are preparing to leave for a new life in the Bahama's