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And so time moves on

and onto another stage in Bertha's progress-
remember that lovely bulkhead we found on a certain internet auction site. ( along time ago..)
Well while its in good nick it does need some alterations .. so the hacking about starts

here we can clearly see that 4x4lrs have created what Land Rover experts are calling an opening !

and here some highly technical engineering is happening.. Obviously I do know exactly the reason for all this.. but dont want to bore you with all the technical details of why the offside inverted flange needs to be re-engineered to match up with the concave universal grommet holder, while ensuring the vertical modular reinforcement platform remains entirely stable.

As I am sure you would find that entirely uninteresting and hard to comprehend.

(I think I may have got away with that !!! as long as no-one who actually knows anything about Land Rovers reads this blog )

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