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Going Green

It appears to be all the rage to hug trees and bow down to the almighty god that is the environment. Here at project Bertha we are not immune to the pressures and guilt that not being "Green" imposes on us, so here is our small bit to save the planet

Take one series two bulkhead, that has ( In laymans speak) been skillfully adapted to its task In Land Rover speak it has been attacked with an angle grinder and beaten mercilessly with a big hammer
String it up from the ceiling, and coat it with lots of paint

And Voila as the French say.. we have a green component to fit to our Land Rover that was born when Green House gases meant only farting while repotting the Geraniums.
It does give an idea of Berthas final colour (Green if you had not guessed)
Im off now to e-mail fading Rock star and Eco warrior Sting to see if he will hold a benefit concert for this exciting green project so we can get her finished and have her, belching smoke and dropping engine oil down the highways and byways of this nation

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