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Long time no post

Its fair to say its been a while- to say that we all underestimated the scale of this project would be an understatement.  But Project Bertha is not dead. There is no denying that the financial crisis didn't help either.

But there is now a glimmer of light at the end of a 3 year tunnel, Bertha is now almost mechanically sound and should be ready for her MOT in a few weeks- after that, its all titivating and smartening her up, the multitude of small original things that will stand her out from the crowd.

There is no denying now that this has been a labour of love by 4x4LRS  and ourselves and we neither  will never recoup the outlay of time and money spent on her- but as said 3 years ago this was never about the money and all about giving the old girl another 40 years of lease of life.

Bertha has stretched us all far more than we ever envisioned at the start , economic woes have put paid to many a plan, and as with any project at times things have become a little strained- but now we are finally getting to the other side and Bertha may soon be once again gracing the queens highway, I get the feeling that all involved in the project will watch her sail by with a tear in their eye, and pride in a job well done

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