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Bertha on the move under her own power

Just a short clip  showing Bertha  can  move under her own power
While we  wait for the cork oil seals to do their job we have only done local  trips in her- however we are pleased that with the overdrive she can achieve the heady heights of 65mph, although she is far happier at a steady 50-55mph
Since she has been back a few things have shown they were not happy being made to  work for their living after 4 years in the workshop.  First the fuel pump  started to leak badly,  a decision to replace with a fully refurbished one was taken
Closely followed by a nasty noise from the water pump- a check on the play in the fan, and  an order went in for a new one
-  Now reading on the web it is "possible" to replace the water pump without removing the radiator- Don't believe them, trying to do so involves being able to see through solid objects and entails  having all the skin of your knuckles removed- take my advice and remove the rad !!- Also order your new hoses at the same time, they only cost a few pounds, Idiot I am we didn't, and after inspecting the hoses  we had to order  all 3 and a week later try to fit them with the rad in situ.  meaning the few remaining scraps of flesh on. our knuckles was removed.

Jobs coming up include  changing the  sealed oil filler tube for  the correct one with a breather cap- once I can find a decent one for sale, pressure test the Smiths heater matrix and see just how we are going to install it- and that will probably be the next blog post.

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