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The best jigsaw in the world..

Well not quite a jigsaw, butting putting Bertha back together again is a challenge, as  4x4LRS hunt for bits mislayed or not sourced yet, they tell us  just about every thing needed to finish her has now arrived.

As you can see below the replacement diesel engine and Bulkhead are in situ and work on the engine nearly complete

All new brake lines have been  shaped and fitted..

work is actually a little further on than these photo's show  various bits and peices have been bolted to the bulkhead, the rear tub has been panel beated and rubbed down ready for paint.

It is very doubtful that Bertha will be back on the roads before winter this year..  but hopefully by spring next year a full two years after starting  the project  she will be once again delaying other traffic on our local roads

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