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Bits and pieces

For a while this blog be will devoid of pictures of large pieces of Bertha being removed - simply because they already have been. While we wait on the chassis arriving, the job of restoring/repairing the rest of her begins. The gearbox is out, and the gears are stripped. and apparently the pictures below show why she never wanted to stay in second gear

While not being particularly mechanicaly minded even I can see that the whirly bits are a bit battered and have some lumps missing, And I am guessing that the thin strips in the top photograph were at one point joined together and a different shape.

It all leads to further hunting for bits, I am assured by 4x4LRS that these particular whirly things are possible to get and Bertha will once agan have a minimum of 4 gears to use. A needed job, but in a way we will miss drive down the road coping with Bertha's erratic steering with one hand while holding the gear lever in second with the other

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