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At the heart of the matter

Is an engine, the heart of any vehicle. Bertha has a 2.2 litre petrol engine, which for its age is in pretty good order (Thank god for the exemption from the MOT emissions test! )

But Richie, has done a little research , and from the VIN number it appears that Bertha may have originally had... SHOCK , HORROR - a Diesel lump fittedl.
More research is being done, but it may be that our first major decision is whether to keep the petrol as she came to us with when we bought her, or if she did originally have a diesel to source and install one of them instead.

Despite it being technicaly possible, if we go for a diesel we wont be fitting a V6 Turbo version off a Discovery !! (as some of our "Friends" have suggested) But we would look for a diesel from around the same era as Bertha's creation.

The problem, as always is, if we go that route we are getting an unknown engine, we know the petrol one we have is pretty good.

Heart and mind?
Originality over practicabilty?
thats part of the fun of a project like this, the discussion and debate on how far to go and what risks to take.

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