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Bertha has had it

Well its a sad day , Bertha the 40 odd year old series 2A Landrover has been down to our mate Richie at 4x4LRS for her annual check up,And the diagnosis is not good, Theres only so much welding and patching that can be done,and Poor old Bertha is about at the limit and to repair her is simply not a sensible financial decision , too much needs doing., So as from today Bertha is off the road............

For 4-6 Months while Richie strips her down, replaces the chassis, Bulkhead(replace/restore), replaces gearbox, strips and rebuilds engine, rewires, repipes, cleans replaces bits, revamps/restores other bits and makes pretty, basically a restoration job on Bertha, BUT not to shwroom condition.
Bertha has always been a working Girl, and we want to reflect that keeping the dents and wrinkles that give her her character but give her another 40 years mechanicaly and bodywork wise...
As far as that financially sensible decision goes? we dont do sensible ...

So , she is now of the road for a few months, this blog will hopefully keep a track of the progress, the ups and downs, and a reminder as those bills come in just how she did look and to encourage us it will all be worth it in the end

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