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So why are we not doing this the proper way

Every one knows that the only way to restore any car properly, is to do it yourself, in the garage, back garden, kitchen etc.

However in this case there are are few factors that have to be taken into account
  • Lucy works away all week and cannot devote the time at weekends to the project
  • I on the other hand work from home and have time, however I also firmly believe that "no nails" or "Gaffa tape" is the only answer to any problem which would probably not work to well on a restoration project
  • Ritchie, despite being a business man, is also a fan of Bertha, I believe he enjoys getting away from the high tech, electronicaly controlled 4x4's of today and almost as a respite loves working with a basic mechanical machine
  • Both Jayne and Ritchie share our desire to keep Bertha as original as possible, the difference being they have the ability and expertise to make it happen.

So are we selling out by getting a workshop to carry out the restoration and not doing it ourselves?

I dont believe so

Bertha has 42 years of history in her, 42 years of traversing Britains roads under different owners, with many drivers, doing many different roles. That whether your a Landrover fan or not that is part of all our history, Bertha has survived to this point , against many odds , where many of her stable mates have fallen by the wayside.

She deserves better than "no nails" and gaffa tape", she has earnt better, and with the care and attention already shown to her by 4x4lrs she couldnt be in better hands

This is not a project that will earn us money, knowing the guys at 4x4lrs I doubt wether they will make a fortune out of this either, It is all about Bertha, a down to earth. solid bit of British engineering that to date has survived despite the odds, and keeping that alive.

Landrovers invoke an emotion every time you meet one, old Landrovers tug at the heartstrings

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