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Its all about the money

Well we took the decision to make Bertha our own Steve Austin - we can rebuild her we have the technology - what we dont have is the 6 million dollars, We have an amount in mind to spend and it isnt huge, in fact it most of what we have, and we can only hope that at the end we end up with a vehicle worth at least what we have put in.

But this isnt about the money, as explained before, some times you just have to go with your heart and sod the wallet.

Its day one of the project, and I am 200 miles away in a hotel, and have no idea of what, if anything, is happening to Bertha, yet I am still excited by the idea to .

On Thursday I intend to call by the workshop to get an idea of exactly what we can achieve with our budget. If we can get Bertha to travel at the same mph as Steve Austin would be a good start

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Unknown said...

There is plenty happening thats for sure.....Bertha's history and id is been traced and panels are been removed.
Pics to follow when i workout how.

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